Sonic Environments: The Work of Richard Lerman


October 12 – December 20, 2012

Curated by Michelle Puetz


Internationally renowned artist Richard Lerman created two site specific sound pieces designed to bring alive the sounds of the Logan Center. Lerman installed transducers that relay vibrations from the building and people passing through to different listening stations, creating an amplified sonic environment. As part of a multi-platform series of events, Lerman installed self-made transducers in the North Tower stairwell that relayed amplified acoustic vibrations to three separate listening areas. 

On Friday, October 12 at 7:30pm, Sonic Environments continues with a live performance and screening with internationally renowned artist, composer, and provocateur Richard Lerman. Among the works showcased at this unique event are Lerman's 1974 film Sections for Screen, Performers, and Audience and his adapted piezo disks which transform everyday objects (passports, branches, a compass) into instruments that critically reflect on border crossings in Arizona. 

On Saturday, October 13, bicycles become instruments in Richard Lerman's Travelon Gamelon, a collaborative, community-based live performative work. Beginning with a roving sonic promenade at 1:30pm, 20 cyclists on Lerman's amplified bicycles travel through the neighborhood broadcasting the sounds of each bicycle's spokes. The performance departs from the Logan Center and travels through campus and Hyde Park before returning to the Courtyard Stage for a performance of the concert version of Travelon Gamelon at 3:30pm. Travelon Gamelon (1979) has been performed hundreds of times around the world, most recently in four cities in Germany.