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MCA Screen: Phil Collins

British artist Phil Collins's (b. 1970) work may seem lighthearted at first, but his sensitive explorations of the interconnectedness among diverse individuals have earned him serious attention, including a Turner Prize nomination. In 2004 he travelled to Bogotá and assembled a group of musicians to record a note-for-note instrumental version of the Smiths’ 1987 album The World Won’t Listen.

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Body Doubles

Drawn largely from the MCA’s permanent collection, the exhibition features artists who highlight the body as an object (something that we have), the body as a subject (something that we are), and the body as an ongoing performance (something that we become). These contemporary artists use the body as a tool for radical transformation as reflected through the lenses of sexuality, gender, class, age, and race. They think about the body as a positive problem, or, to borrow Thomas Osborn’s words, as a “vehicle for thought and action.”

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