Variable Area: Hearing and Seeing Sound, 1966-78


November 12, 2009

Curated and moderated by Michelle Puetz for the Outer Ear Festival of Sound and Conversations at the Edge. Presented in collaboration with the Experimental Sound Studio.

Experimental Sound Studio’s Outer Ear Festival of Sound and Conversation at the Edge team up once again to present a program of films that investigate the visual and aural possibilities of 16mm optical audio, as sound perform images and images become sonic scores. Sound functions both as a sonic and visual element in these six films. Seen together, they propose a new model for listening and seeing—a listening that happens with the eyes, and a seeing that happens with the ears. Curated by SAIC faculty member Michelle Puetz. Co-presented by Experimental Sound Studio. The Outer Ear Festival of Sound (November 3 – 22, 2009) is the only comprehensive interdisciplinary sonic arts festival in the Midwest.